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TeamTec is the world leading manufacturer of Marine Incinerators. Low on fuel consumption and maintenance cost, and with emissions well below IMO requirements.

Ejectors for all stipping purposes, produced in NI-Al-BZ, RG9, Stainless Steel and Super Duplex, with up to 25 years warranty!

TeamTec has a comprehensive worldwide Service nettwork and several spare parts stocks offering speedy delivery. 

TeamTec's launching of the Bilge Water Injection system has become a great success worldwide, both for newbuildings and for retrofits. 

The sale of TeamTec's containerized incinerator plants have for the past months increased rapidly. Our "plug & play" concept is used for offshore related installations, military deployments and power plants worldwide.

TeamTec AS - P.O. Box 203, N-4902 TVEDESTRAND - Tel +47 37 19 98 00 - Fax +47 37 19 98 90

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