Updates regarding COVID-19

Lisa Maria Boquist Johansen Pressemelding

Updates regarding COVID-19


We are all hit by the effects from the restrictions in connection with COVID-19.

Our company take this seriously and follow the guiding from our government with respect to travels and business operations, and we’re taking steps in order to prevent any long-term effects from COVID-19.

 It’s expected to be some delays due to transport and parts, but TeamTec is in full operation and intend to deliver all goods according to cost and schedule. 

Most of our staff are working from home continuing business as usual. Our Service Engineers are limited by travel restrictions, but we are still quite flexible as we have S/E staff situated in Singapore, China and Korea in addition to Norway.

 Our main goal at this stage is as follows;

  • Keep our employees and their family with good health
  • Ensure business as usual and be in position to take onboard any orders from customers
  • Ensure flow of goods in and out of our manufacturing facilities

 Please do not hesitate to make contact with our staff, as we will do our utmost to be at your service.

 We hope this unexpected Corona situation soon will go away and normal business be reinstated.

Stay safe.

Olav Voie

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