TeamTec Oceansaver to retrofit BWMS on Höegh LNG’s gas carrier fleet

Lisa Maria Boquist Johansen Pressemelding

TeamTec Oceansaver to retrofit BWMS on Höegh LNG’s gas carrier fleet

TeamTec has been awarded a contract to supply TeamTec Oceansaver BWMS for two of Höegh LNG’s gas carriers. The vessels to be retrofitted are Artic Princess and Arctic Lady, and installation will take place in 2020.

TeamTec Oceansaver Ballast Water Management System (TTO BWMS) delivers high-performance filtration in combination with disinfection through patented electrodialysis. The TeamTec Oceansaver BWMS was the first electro chlorination BWMS to receive USCG type approval and has recently been approved according to the new IMO BWM Code (revised G8). Höegh LNG and the charterer Equinor, jointly selected TTO BWMS, citing the strong focus on safety as one of the main reasons.

TTO BWMS fits perfectly for high capacity ballast flows that are used in LNG Carriers. An intelligent chemical dosing algorithm optimizes power consumption during ballast operations resulting in minimal consumable usage during de-ballast.

TeamTec acquired the Oceansaver technology in 2017 and has since improved the technology, added safety features to the already excellent safety rating and further improved the reliability of the system. TeamTec Oceansaver’s core focus has been to follow up existing customers providing excellent service through our worldwide network and upgrading existing systems to USCG compliance.

Please contact our sales dept. if you have any questions regarding TTO BWMS, and how we can assist for a smooth retrofitting.

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