TeamTec Senza BWMS

Senza BWMS uses direct biocide injection to treat ballast water. To the owner’s as well as yard’s benefit the system does not require the use of filters. Neutralizer is injected when discharging ballast water. Standard, non-proprietary chemicals are used during ballast (Sodium Hypochlorite) and de-ballast (Sodium Sulfite) operations.

Senza BWMS simplicity makes it easy to install both on new and old ships. Only minor modifications to the ballast piping are needed to retrofit Senza BWMS, making it possible to complete the installation while sailing. The system includes limited moving parts and no complex equipment resulting in minimal maintenance and easy operation for the crew.

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Stress-free ballast water management!

  • No Filter
  • 100% flowrate in all water conditions
  • Lowest power consumption in the market
  • Minimal change to existing ballast piping
  • IMO and USCG type Approved
  • Range: 225 – 3750 m3/h
  • Quick commissioning
  • Quick and simple installation
  • No minimum pressure requirement
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Possible to install while sailing
  • Standard biocide – available worldwide

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