Waste treatment for Resorts

For three decades TeamTec has supplied Waste Incinerators to resorts all over the world, including more than one hundred units in The Maldives.

We offer complete incineration systems for the resorts including safe and environmental friendly disposal of both solid waste and waste oil.

We have designed a specialized model for hotel waste meeting the highest marine safety standards and complying with the local regulations for waste treatment. By using the genset’s lubrication oil and the cooking oil incineration of the hotel waste is far more economical than shipping the waste to regional or central dumping areas – and for sure much better than a bonfire!

Low diesel oil consumption, no smell, no smoke or soot – is there a better solution? Take control over your waste management and please the environment and your guests !

Please contact us for more details and references.
TeamTec is represented at the Maldives by Ilaa Maldives.