Retrofit applications

TeamTec marine incinerators are of modular construction. They can, if required, be delivered as an equipment package, which can be assembled at the required location on board. 

No parts are larger than a normal door opening. The refractory is delivered as self locking modular blocks for easy transport and assembly. When carried onboard one of our skilled Service Engineers can assemble the unit on site in just a few days time. No welding work is needed – the incinerator body is bolted.

TeamTec has more than 35 years of experience in retrofit and we offer: 

  • A wide range of well-known marine incinerators perfect for retrofit
  • Incinerators for simultaneously burning of sludge oil and solid waste or solid waste only
  • Large doors for batch feeding, sluices for continuous feeding or automatic feeder (shredder and stoker) for solid waste
  • A wide range of sludge oil and diesel oil tanks, as well as all equipment needed for retrofit retaining the vessel’s existing tanks and piping
  • Compact incinerators for easy retrofit
  • Small components
  • Expertise to assist in defining the best-suited unit and to assist in planning often combined with a survey onboard
  • Engineering of special components for retrofit
  • Top professional Service Engineers for commissioning and start-ups
  • A large stock of genuine spare parts
  • Skid mounted and containerized unit for easy “plug & play”
  • Short production time in-house

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