Our unique advantages

Compact Design

The TeamTec Incinerator models have one of the world’s smallest footprints and overall size. Even our biggest incinerator models have a space-saving design and the incinerators can easily be installed in a corner. When space limitation is an issue, like onboard offshore vessels or Navy vessels, the TeamTec Incinerators are the natural first choice.

Top notch quality

Our genuine Norwegian incinerator design and function has been evaluated, improved and re-designed over decades resulting in one of the most modern and reliable incinerators on the today’s market. In 2011 TeamTec introduced its latest generation of incinerators, always in compliance with the latest legislation and regulations. Our incinerators are made from high quality marine components only. The whole assembly process is following strict quality plans and we continuously monitor our sub-suppliers. More than 11 000 units have been delivered worldwide, and we are always seeking improvements. Our Research & Development Department listens to our customer’s feedback and needs, ensuring TeamTec is the conductive maker of incinerators.

Extremely low operational and maintenance costs

Our unique high temperature cyclone burning principle ensures that all the incinerators in TeamTec’s product range can incinerate sludge oil (waste oil) with water content up to 50% without using support fuel, leaving our incinerators as one of the most economical incinerators on the market. In addition, the thermal capacity of the combustion chamber is fully utilized for burning sludge oil. Even with a higher water content our incinerators ensure the most efficient operation reducing the need for support fuel to a very low level.

Furthermore, the TeamTec Incinerators have no strainers or filters in the sludge oil system. The proper mixing system and the atomizing of the sludge oil, the wide clearance of the nozzle and the self-cleaning nozzle ensures no clogging. This, in addition to several other advantages keep the maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

Automatic control

The TeamTec Incinerators are all controlled by a state-of-the-art PLC, ensuring a simple and reliable operation, maximum capacity utilisation and minimum fuel consumption. Minimum attendance is needed during operation and remote supervision is possible. The PLC touch screen is extremely user friendly and easy to operate.

Modular construction

All our incinerators are of a modular construction and can, if required, be delivered as a flat-packed unit for assembling onboard the vessel/installation – no parts are bigger than a normal ship door. No welding is needed. This construction also benefits the incinerator life-time maintenance works.