OG 400 models

With its sturdy and compact design and high performance the OG400C is one of our most popular models and an obvious first choice for solving the waste treatment onboard medium-sized vessels. Up to 512 000 kcal/h (596kW) – up to 81 l/h of sludge oil.

OG400C and OG400CS

Extremely efficient versions of this highly appreciated model, compared to its footprint of only 1000mm x 1000mm. Both versions are burning simultaneously sludge oil/waste oil and solid waste, the OG400CS with an efficient sluice for continuous feeding of solid waste. Maximum capacity for burning sludge oil is 74 l/h. With bilge water injection the capacity is increased to 81 l/h (see below).

OG400CW and CWS

Solid waste only versions, the OG400CW for batch loading of 400 litre per load, and the OG400CSW with an hourly capacity of 50 kg of waste.

Bilge water injection

As an option the incinerator can be equipped with TeamTec bilge water injection system to reduce the load on the Oily Water Separator by utilizing the heat from the sludge oil combustion. No additional diesel oil consumption. With PLC controlled injection of the water you achieve:

  • Safe disposal of contaminated water
  • Increased sludge capacity by 10%
  • Reduced NOx emission (verified by DNV)

Bilge Water injection is approved by major classification societies. Quick and simple upgrading of existing TeamTec incinerators is also available. For more information click here.