GS 1000 models

The GS1000C is the most compact marine incinerator, relative to capacity, on the market today – 1 500 kW.  The model has NOx reducing bilge water injection as standard.

Bilge water injection

TeamTec bilge water injection system reduces the load on the Oily Water Separator by utilizing the heat from the sludge oil combustion. No additional diesel oil consumption. With PLC controlled injection of the water you achieve:

  • Safe disposal of contaminated water
  • Increased sludge capacity by 10%
  • Reduced NOx emission (verified by DNV)

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GS1000CX and GS1000CRSX

Our flagship – our biggest model with a IMO defined capacity of 171 l/h of sludge oil and 237 l/h of bilge water. This model comes in two versions; the GS1000CX mainly for sludge oil burning and the GS1000CRSX for burning both sludge oil and solid waste simultaneously. The latter version has a top-mounted sluice for feeding of the solid waste as shown in the picture to the right.