Additional equipment

TeamTec has a vast range of optionals for the incinerators and additional equipment to complete an incinerator unit.

Incinerator optionals
  • The incinerator standard supply voltages is 380/440V,  any other voltage can be supplied upon request
  • The incinerator is prepared for control voltage 220V, other voltage only on special request
  • Any other colours than our standard incinerator colour (green – RAL 6019) are available
  • Markings, signs and caution plates in different language (for example Russian) upon request
  • Manuals in other languages than English are available at an additional cost. Drawings are only in English.

These options need no further explanation, but the following are explained in more detail for your information:

  • Ampere meter
    This is an ampere meter for the current for the flue gas fan to monitor the specific load on this. Indication panel is fitted in the control panel. Ampere meter is a convenient instrument for monitoring motor load.
  • 3-way test cock/Root valve
    In order to test all pressure switches with a portable test device, and activate the different PLC alarms, the diesel/steam/air/sludge lines are equipped with this setup (standard on incinerators delivered from NLMC/China).
  • Twin display in Central Control Room
    An extra display for easy remote supervision of the incinerator.
  • Bulkhead mounted control panel
    When space is a limitation the incinerator control panel can be remote mounted. Additional cables in between the incinerator and the panel is included – maximum 15 meters.
  • Emergency stop switch
    We recommend to install an emergency stop switch outside the incinerator room.
  • Space heater/Motor heater
    Some vessel classes, or owner specifications, may specify electrical motor heaters for all motor above a certain size. This can be physically integrated, and be automatically controlled by the incinerator PLC.
  • Control cabinet cooler
    For ambient temperatures above 50oC a cooler integrated in the incinerator control panel is recommended.
Sludge oil tanks and options

Read more here

Diesel oil tanks

TeamTec recommends to install a diesel oil day tank close to the incinerator, or a diesel booster pump.

TeamTec diesel oil tanks come with 400L NET (standard), 700L NET or 1100L NET capacity. All tanks are complete with level indicator (magnetic float type) and high level switch and comply with class requirements. Low level switch upon request.

Diesel oil options
  • Diesel oil booster pump
    The incinerator is equipped with a standard diesel oil suction pump with relative lifting height of 3500 mm. If the actual relative lifting height is above 3500 mm, an additional diesel oil booster pump must be installed at tank level to lift the diesel to the diesel oil suction pump. The diesel oil booster pump is automatically controlled through the PLC when supplied as part of our system.
  • Diesel oil transfer pump
    This pump is for transferring diesel oil to the incinerator diesel oil service tank. This pump is located near the supply tank, and is manually operated from the incinerator control panel. The pump is stopped automatically by a high level switch.
  • Diesel oil strainer (filter)
    A filtering of the supplied diesel is required for all incinerators. This item is available.
Flue gas stack parts

Flue gas pipe expansion compensators to avoid stress build up due to thermal expansion of the flue gas stack is required. Two (2) compensators are included as standard, but additional compensators may be supplied in varios standard flange dimensions; DN 200, 300, 350, 400, 500 and 600.

A Spark arrester in the flue gas stack will prevent large glowing particles to travel through the stack and reach open air. This is both for safety and environmental aspects. Spark arrester is required by class for tankers, and by the MODU code for offshore installations and offshore supply vessels. It is also recommended for passenger ships for the comfort of the passengers.

The flue gas stack often has limited space, and is routed in various directions before entering the funnel/smoke stack. Low deck height may be one challenge, and a customized bend may be required. Based on detailed info, we are able to offer and manufacture many such special stack parts in our works.

For landbased incinerator units we also supply complete chimneys in various materials.

Waste treatment plants

Let us put together a turnkey solution for taking care of waste that cannot be incinerated. We have the knowledge, experience and the partners to not only deliver products, but a complete solution that works.