When installing TeamTec stripping ejectors or ejectors in general, it is very important that the pipe dimensions connected to the ejectors have min. dimension to corresponding connections on the ejectors.

TeamTec “in line suction” design gives a higher efficiency than “conventional” ejectors with suction 90° from the side. In order to make use of this advantage we recommend the following:

  • Suction pipe connected to ejector is recommended to have straight length prior to the suction flange.
  • If a bend is fitted close to suction flange on ejector, suction capacity will be reduced due to turbulence in the sucked liquid.
  • Bends on driving water inlet are of less importance as these will create pressure drops which have to be calculated for the planned installation (same applies for discharge side of ejector).
  • It is not recommended to install a bend directly to the discharge flange because of pitting in the bend. Minimum distance between the discharge flange and the first bend should be 3 times the pipe diameter.

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