TeamTec Ejectors

TeamTec Ejectors (eductors) are jet pumps driven by water or oil supplied from conventional pumps. The combination of high quality material and skilful construction offers the most effective solution to meet onboard requirements.

Stripping ejectors, which have become standard on most ships being built today, are efficient liquid jet pumps for stripping of:

  • Cargo tanks
  • Ballast water tanks
  • Cargo holds
  • Engine rooms
  • Bilge, etc..

Download our ejector brochure with the complete ejector model range.

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Ejectors do not loose suction ability, have large internal clearances and no moving parts. These are some of the reasons that the ejectors are often used instead of ordinary pumps.

TeamTec also have ejectors for other specific purposes; mud mixing, degassing, vacuuming, evacuation of air etc. and we are open for design and engineering of ejectors according to your needs!

The internal parts of the ejectors are exposed to high velocity liquid. The stripped liquid usually contains foreign particles like sand, rust scales, silt etc. From the suction inlet the sucked liquid is being accelerated from 2-3 m/sec to about 15 m/sec. Under these conditions, low quality materials like cast steel or cast iron will have limited lifetime due to corrosion and wear and tear. Internal coatings are often used to improve the lifetime for low quality materials. Due to the high liquid velocities combined with particles, such coating will not last for long.

Our standard stripping ejectors are made of high grade bronze alloys, having a nozzle in monel metal or in AISI 316. However, we are able to offer ejectors in a wide range of other high quality materials. The high grade of material enables us to offer 5-20 years warranty for the product, which normally will operate maintenance free throughout the ship’s lifetime.