Senza BWMS

To the owner’s as well as yard’s benefit TeamTec Senza BWMS does not require the use of filters! Senza BWMS simplicity makes it easy to install both on new and old ships. Only minor modifications to the ballast piping are needed to retrofit Senza BWMS, making it possible to complete the installation while sailing. Read more

Oceansaver BWMS

TeamTec Oceansaver BWMS is designed to safely maximize the elimination of waterborne organisms that can be carried in ballast water, consequently, protecting the environment as well as your assets. Read more


TeamTec Incinerators are the ultimate solution for waste treatment onboard vessels, offshore units and onshore facilities. Our vast range of models and versions covers capacities from 190 000 kcal/h to 1 290 000 kcal/h. Read more


TeamTec Ejectors (eductors) are jet pumps driven by water or oil supplied from conventional pumps. The combination of high quality material and skilful construction offers the most effective solution to meet onboard requirements. Read more

Machining & Casting

With our high-precision horizontal machining center, TeamTec offers high speed and high quality service on milling jobs for maritime and offshore customers. Additionally, in our own foundry, we can do casting in aluminium, bronze and nickel aluminium bronze for maritime and offshore customers, as well as for private customers. Read more

Fire Rated Windows

TeamTec AS has transferred all the rights for the product range fire rated windows to IMS Technologies AS. Visit for more information.