A very important part of our business is to satisfy our customers at all time. TeamTec holds a professional staff of service engineers ready to assist the customers worldwide. In addition, TeamTec has local service agents in strategic areas like Miami, Singapore, Japan and Dubai.

Our Service Department provides the following:

TeamTec service engineers ensure that the new equipment is correctly installed; they also test all functions, alarms and safety devices to ensure reliable and safe operation where full capacity is achieved with a minimal use of fuel.

Repair Service
By using one of our highly skilled service engineers, you ensure that the downtime of your equipment is reduced to a minimum.

Pre-Installation Survey
The purpose of such a ship visit is to plan the installation or replacement of an incinerator, including interfacing with sludge preparation system, mating of flue gas uptake and space considerations.

Service agreement
Ensure that your incinerator remains in good working condition and properly maintained by annual service visits from our crew. A service agreement will include required training and updating of your crew operating the incinerator onboard.

Having the incinerator in good working condition will simplify acceptance by local port authorities and help avoid claims.

TeamTec’s highly qualified and experienced engineers provide comprehensive training worldwide. The focus of the training is to give the operator and supervisory staff the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to operate and maintain the incinerator in the right way. This ensures safe and effective operation of the incinerator and will improve its efficiency and reliability.

Service agreements
Let us take care of your fleet’s incinerators. TeamTec can offer a service agreement customized your needs. For more information, please contact us.