TeamTec Incinerator gs500cs

Extend your incinerator’s lifespan

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Extend your incinerator’s lifespan, secure high performance and safe operation!

TeamTec Incinerator gs500cs

In order to make sure that your incinerator has high performance and is safe to operate it is important to do regular maintenance.  This will also result in a long lifespan for the incinerator. TeamTec has supplied more than 12000 incinerators to all kind of vessels and has accumulated high competence and know how over the years. Nevertheless, an incinerator is like any kind of equipment, it needs maintenance to continuously perform at a high level.  We like to compare the incinerator to a car because most people have a relation to cars and understand their need for maintenance.

When we calculate the capacity for which incinerator you should install on board your vessel, this is done on basis of 10 hours use every day.  If we compare this to a car driving with an average speed of 60km/h, 10 hours a day, 365 days a year, the car will have reached no less than 219000km during one year…

You may then ask yourself if you have done, or should have done, some maintenance on your car during this year?

Most certainly you have replaced at least the air filter, oil filter, changed oil, new tires and you might also have replaced the brake pads, wipers, fuel filter, spark plugs, etc….. and you have probably also washed the car several times. So why shouldn’t it be necessary to replace some parts on your incinerator during the same time of period, specially when thinking of what stuff you feed into your incinerator?  You feed your incinerator with all kind of waste, dirty oil (sludge) and at some model even grey water, the waste you don’t want on board, the dirty oil you for sure don’t want in your engine…

Frequently the anticipation seems to be that the incinerator always remains quiet in a dark corner with a minimum of attention, except the guy feeding it and expecting the incinerator to chew all your garbage and dirty oil every day only by pressing the start button and trying to do some adjustments if it doesn’t function correctly.

We have made it easy for you

All TeamTec incinerators are made according to IMO regulation and to satisfy all class specifications and have been type approved since 1995.

The incinerators are tuned both mechanically and by software at our factory in order to perform correctly, no matter what kind of waste, dirty oil (sludge) or grey water you feed into it.  That is why we can tell for sure that there is something wrong if the incinerator doesn’t perform according to our specifications during normal operation. The fault needs to be detected and repaired.

In too many cases we see that “smart guys” have adjusted software settings, valves, etc… in order to “solve the problem”, not understanding the long term consequences of what they are doing,  instead of solving the actual problem. This is why we have put warning signs at critical valves and dampers. We have also locked the software for manual changing since 2007  (our generation 4 incinerators – TG4) and we have continued with this ever since. Do not adjust!

 To make it even easier for you, we have put together different spare part kits which are based on regular wear and tear parts:

  • The first kit: “One year wear and tear parts” is wear and tear parts that need to be replaced during one year of operation.  This kit contains parts like diesel oil nozzles, stators for the sludge dosage pump, door gasket, etc…. These are important to maintain proper function, high performance, safe operation and to secure long lifespan of the incinerator.  We can even organize to inform you when it is time to order a new kit.
  • The second kit: “Recommended on board repair parts” contains wear and tear parts that are not subject to regular replacement but we know they will need to be replaced sooner or later and the operation may stop or the performance negative affected if you don’t have the right spare part available on board. The kit contains parts like thermocouples, solenoids, flame scrod, blast tube, etc….

You will get a discount by ordering the kit compared to ordering the individual spare parts one by one.

By following the list below you will ensure a long lifetime and high reliability of your incinerator:

 The 10 incinerator commandments

  1. Read the instruction manual. Never change any settings unless instructed by TeamTec AS Norway.
  2. Keep the incinerator chamber air inlets and outlet clear, and keep the burner parts clean. Inspect daily before start in the morning, and clean as required.
  3. Never load glass, lithium batteries or spray cans into the incinerator.
  4. Large quantities of oily rags or filter cartridges may damage the flue gas fan.
  5. Never turn off the main power before the chamber temperature is below 170°C.
  6. If experiencing any problem with high temperature in the combustion chamber, flue gas or control of sludge dosing, replace the dosing pump stator.
  7. As a minimum, heat the sludge over night, without starting the circulation pump. Next morning drain off the free water, and then start the sludge program.
  8. Never close the air/steam needle valve for sludge atomizing to less than ¾ turn open. If the pressure increases above the green area, clean the sludge burner nozzle.
  9. In a single tank system, do not transfer sludge to the service tank during sludge burning (can damage the refractory).
  10. In case of abnormal operation, contact TeamTec AS

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Audun Sørensen

QAO/Spare Part Development Manager| Phone: +47 975 29 360

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