Customized TeamTec Ejectors in ballast water management systems

Lisa Maria Boquist Johansen Pressemelding

Customized TeamTec Ejectors in ballast water management systems


TeamTec experience increased demand for ejector expertise in a new application. During retrofit installations and testing of ballast water management systems (BWMS), many yards and BWMS suppliers discover that installed ejectors in the existing ballast system do not work for stripping ballast through the BWMS. The reason is of course that the flow pattern has changed and the back pressure is no longer the same as in the original system.

An ejector is customized for the pump supply pressure, suction height and discharge height with very high precision. The science is clearly modelled through the Bernoulli equation, so if all input values are correct, the calculated ejector features will secure delivery exactly as planned. When the back pressure of the flow system increases, the pump cannot deliver the same flow and pressure as before, the ejector has no chance to perform as you would wish for.

TeamTec is able to provide assistance, either by modification of the installed ejector based on the new input, or by providing a brand new TeamTec Ejector that fits the new specification.

Some BWMS have a flow limit, but this can also be solved with the right know-how.

Some designers and engineering companies integrating BWMS are aware of this challenge, and have contacted TeamTec early in the process. Others may not discover this until start-up/commissioning, but challenges are solvable when working tightly together.

TeamTec has in-house engineering as well as our own ejector foundry, making  us very flexible and unparalleled delivery times possible.

Please contact us for more details on how we may assist you the best possible way!

Mr. Kåre Steinsvik
Head of Sales Ejectors
+47 975 84 135

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