good cadence running


The average runner will have a cadence of 150 to 170 SPM (Steps Per Minute), while the fastest long-distance runners are up in the 180 to 200 SPM range. Well, for elite runners, optimal running cadence is generally considered to be in the region of 180 strides per minute. Running cadence is one of the two factors that make up a runner’s speed. Good runners usually have a higher cadence because they usually go faster than beginners. According to Lisa Hamilton, certified running coach and 2:42 marathoner, a number of factors affect optimal running cadence. It's worth noting that these numbers are typically maintained … The other is stride length. Rather than blindly pledge our allegiance to 180 steps per minute, we’re going to take a more nuanced view: If your easy pace is slower than 10 minutes per mile, your cadence ought to be 160+ steps per minute. If your easy pace is faster than 10 minutes per mile, your cadence ought to be 170+ steps per minute.

For decades, we’ve been told that 180 steps per minute (SPM) is the ideal cadence for running—a number that legendary running coach Jack Daniels …
Top marathoners typically run with a cadence above 90, whereas most beginners will run at 78–82.

The figure is, however, believed to be slightly lower for the rest of us mere mortals. What is a good running cadence number?

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